Bethany Brooke is an abstract artist whose paintings are bold reflections of her meditation practice and serve as a way to visually channel her energy. The interaction of color and the nuance of movement in her work draws an emotional response.  

Bethany’s career as an artist began after she left her job of nearly 10 years in finance. She openly considers herself “type-A" with an extreme attention to detail, but the composition of her work is completely instinctual and sophisticatedly spirited. Bethany approaches her work intuitively. Her work explores the juxtaposition of subtlety and strength with a strong sense of color harmony.

As an artist and philanthropist, Bethany is heavily involved in the children’s charity, Al’s Angels, where she is an active benefactor. Donations to this foundation have been made by Bethany and her family for years. Currently, she donates proceeds from the sales of her artwork to Al’s Angels.

After attending Barnard College in NYC and working in finance, Bethany relocated to Connecticut where she currently resides with her husband and three children.